Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scenes from last weekend

Kathleen and her Tai Chi girls
HRS taking a break
Indian dancers waiting their turn
Alexis attempting coolness at brunch
Vince on Daddy Doggie duty
Le Cabaret des Monsters (A play put on by the neighbourhood kids)
My Friend Kathleen demostrating her best Tai Chi move.
Brunch spot in the 12eme

Happy Hump Day People! We had a great time last weekend with Alexis. There was a neighbourhood festival outside our door and we spent time biking around and stopping for glasses of wine along the way. HRS was of course along for the ride.....I've got to get you a picture of her in the basket of the velib bike. She is too friggin' cute!
Can't wait for next weekend!

Love and Hugs

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