Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wear- your first day at work

Okay I know this isn't the best picture of me but it was my first day and I had to be there for 10am! Can you imagine? I woke up every hour after 4am scared shitless that my alarm didn't go off. I haven't had somewhere to be in almost 4 years!

Yeah so my hair suffered a bit but the rest doesn't look bad right?! ;) I'm wearing a spiffy new ROM blue shirt with black slacks and cardigan from Alfread Sung. And don't forget the watch! My paranoid self was checking it every ten minutes to make sure I was still here!

What do you guys wear to work? A uniform or no? And if you do wear a uniform do you like not having to choose your outfit every morning or feel bummed you have to wear the same thing every day?

Love and Hugs

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