Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taste- Meyer Lemons

The key limes and meyer lemons are in at my corner grocery store and I couldn't resist buying a few bags full. I came home straight away to look for something other than pie to make with them.

And violĂ ! Thanks to Amy from Minimally Invasive I found this gorgeous Meyer Lemony pasta recipe!


Is your mouth watering or what? I know I know I should be posting my first Taste Tuesday of January 2012 with some kind of cleansing smoothie or something but how can lemons, argula, creme fraiche and pasta be bad for you?! 

I would even dare to say its a lot better for your soul than that carrot/daikon/plum lukewarm water drink I know I should be drinking right now.
Are you with me?!

Love and Hugs

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