Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wear- A Doggie's Wardrobe

Yesterday Sunny got a major makeover. She was behind on her grooming schedule due to our big move home and was in desperate need of a haircut. We took her to The Fur Factor and you can see the results for yourself....

The nice groomer lady gave Sunny a pretty little hankerchief that I think compliments her bright white hair very nicely. We will be keeping this as a special occasion scarf for dinner parties and the like.

No move to the great cold north would be complete without a red parka from Pet Valu. And this one is lined with fleece. Lucky puppy! I want one of those!

Finally for kicking around the house she also has a comfy fisherlady sweater in grey with toggle buttons. This one is a clear favourite.

What do you think of the complete makover? Do you remember her dreadlock rasta look from before? You can see some of it here and here.

And tell me, does your Dog have a few comfy cozies or am I just crazy?

Love and Hugs

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