Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Really?! I mean seriously REALLY?!!!!!!

Oh my Goodness people! I would derail my diet in a second for a taste of these eggs benny with fried oysters! I found them on Serious Eats: 36 hours in New Orleans (what to eat) Oh my gosh oh my gosh I want to go back there sooooo bad! I have never had a fried oyster or an au natural one for that matter better than I have had in New Orleans! And Jazz is flying there now right? Like Liz Lemmon says, "I want to go to there!" Oh my gosh oh my gosh, take me to that plate above and I will eat it straight for 36 hours!!! :) (I would also accept a fried oyster po'boy)
Love and Hugs
P.S. Pictures of food make me so happy!!! What about you?

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