Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guess who's 29 today?

It's my beautiful friend Amberlie!
My little fiesty Libra always making sure things are leveled and fair. She is sensitve and overly emotional! I love that about her. She never holds back and feels everything so deeply. She also has impeccable taste in design, food, wine and everything else! We share a deep love for Paris, when I tell her that walking the back streets of Paris makes me feel so heartbroken with love she really knows that exact feeling.
She's an amazing mother and wife always putting her families happiness first. She is spiritual and shares a birthday with Confucius. She can be found praying and meditating.
But most of all she's mine and she loves me back! I am so lucky to have found you Amberlie! You are much loved and I hope you have the birthday of your dreams!
Love and Hugs.
P.S. See you in Paris! ;-)

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