Monday, September 6, 2010

We have a new comrade on our Weight Loss adventure!

Our newest member the blubbly gorgeous Aunt Jane. (here she is excited to board a plane to Paris, October 2009) I just can't stand that smile!!!!!
And of course the pillars of strength Mom and Dad! (here they are having a lovely walk through the Rodin Gardens in Paris, October 2009)
And then there is me, the overexcited health and fitness website junkie! (here I am at my heaviest in India, October 2008)

Good Morning Everybody! It is with great excitment that I introduce you to the newest member of our Weight Watchers online group! She is the pretty woman in the first picture above, the lovely Aunt Jane Taverner! (FYI she also answers to the name Aunt Pain.)
We have a total of over 300 hundred pounds to lose between the 4 of us and I have no doubt in my mind we will do it!
Does anyone else want to join our group? I am thinking of a name.....I like The FatBlasters! What do you think?
Love and Hugs!

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