Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So what!?!? Have you ever done the same thing?

Yesterday I witnessed myself emotionally eating. I always wondered what people meant when they said that phrase and obviously I had been doing it for years but never knew. I thought it was one of those buzz words that Oprah invented that would be here and gone in a few years.
But then. Vince and I had been working on adopting a precious 8 week old puppy we planned on calling Sunni. Yesterday I got word from my landlord that there was no way I could have a pet in the house. I felt so mad and sad, close to the same feeling as the miscarraige last Feb. And so I drank wine and ate cheese, in the early afternoon. Classic! I said well this is something I CAN control and basically, fuck it! I knew I was emotional eating but I did it anyways.
The thing is I didn't go over my points for the day or derail my diet or anything but I finally figured out that I do do that. And I need to find other ways to make myself feel better for the next time. I hope I have the strenght to turn to meditation next time. Because there will always be a next time! ;-)
The present moment is inevitable!
Love and Hugs

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