Thursday, September 9, 2010

If Tony can do it I can too!

Good Morning everybody! I just got done reading Tony's story at That'sFit. He's just amazing! He did this all on his own while counting calories, food journaling and exercising. He says that he eats what he wants just uses a fork instead of a shovel now! He said when he started walking he couldn't even make it around the block.
I only have 54 more pounds to lose. I look at my stomach every once and a while and even though I know it's changing it's still the big apple shape I have lived with and loathed all my life. I feel like I work out so hard! I often do Jillan's Shred in the morning than another aerobic video in the afternoon. And I still feel like this belly will never budge. But look at Tony. He is a clear example that eating healthy portions and moving your body more works. I just have to keep this up.
If Tony can find the strength and will to lose 229 pounds I can surely find the determination to lose 54 and really believe in it.
If you want to read Tony's personal blog on his continuing weight loss you can find it here.
Love and Hugs

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