Monday, October 18, 2010

Senior Dog Portraits

This red haired sweetie is my second fav after Roguey of course. Isn't she lovely?!

These two old boys must have been through so much together! Oh the stories they would tell!

And finally our good old girl, Rogue!
Okay so you know I am obsessed with dogs of late. I have always felt a big love for animals and doggies in particular but right now my sweet love has turned a little border line! I want to have a doggie so bad. I can't wait till we get back to France and can adopt our own little one.
You can imagine how touched I was when I came across these portraits of Senior Dogs by Gary Cross. They are so tender and beautiful and funny! I love the grey hairs and knowing looks in their eyes, I just want to cuddle up and ask about their lives! I couldn't post all the beautiful pictures without one of my favourite Senior, our little Roguey Muffin who passed away at the ripe old age of 13. We miss you little Roguey!
Love and Hugs

(the portrait of Rogue was taken by the talented Sabrina from Pretty Bird Originals, She lives in the Toronto area if you need a lovely portrait of your best friend)

(the other portraits were first spotted at a cup of jo and the aubergine notebook)

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