Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm ready!

Good morning guys! I have been hiding my new spiritual self from you for too long! I wanted to share with you my latest endeavor! I am going to a Pranic Healing workshop this weekend! I am over the moon excited! I feel like I am finally aligning my authenic self with reality.
All I have ever wanted to do since I can remember is get paid to hug people with complete compassion and hold them and rock them and help them feel totally loved until they felt better. I had been searching for a long time about how to make this a reality and I think I finally have the courage and the knowledge to do something!
I love Reiki! Reiki deffinitely helped me come out of my dangerous mental state after the miscarriage along with the cognitive therapy I learned from my psychiatric nurse (mostly deep breathing techniques). This is no joke people. Breath is the direct component that affects and heals the mind and body! Pranic Healing incorporates all of these. I will be learning to heal the body's natural energy field! Oh my gosh!
Heavy stuff and totally up my alley!
Love and Hugs!

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