Friday, October 29, 2010

My dream girl! You bitch!

Just for funzies! I have never seen a women and her style more smokin' than this! Why are you so cool awesome blond hip lady? I want to be you! If she ever falls asleep I will surely sneak into her room, steal all her clothes and somehow teleport myself and soul into her body! AHA! Oh no, I like myself, this is just all in good fun. But it would be fun to be her for a day and finally be able to pull off highwaisted jeans! YoYo! Am I right ladies! FUN fun fun fun on a friday! lalalalala! I love you my fashionable family and friends! Have a fab weekend and I will see you on Monday bright and early!
Love and Hugs
Psst this gorgeous woman is Emerson from EmersonMade.

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