Friday, October 29, 2010

Health roundup and how do you measure your health?

My BMI is 31.4. I am considered obese, say what?! If I get my BMI to 29, then I would be just plain overweight! HA! But really. Once you get your BMI into a healthy range (20-25) you eliminate all signs of heart disease and diabetes. (both diseases run in my immediate family!)
I am currently at 206.8 pounds and my goal weight is 170. But then I was reading that a healthy weight range for a girl my age and height is between 132-164. Hmmmmm. I am sticking with 170. My intuition tells me that is my happy weight. We'll see.
My current short term goal is to lose 7.8 pounds by Dec 21st weigh in. That will bring me down to 199 pounds and I haven't weighed that since I was 19 years old! I hope I can do it!
Thanks for all the supprt you guys, I want to be a healthy active mom, wife and friend and I couldn't keep going if you didn't have my back! ( I started this journey at 245 pounds in October 2008)
So I was wondering, how do you measure your health? Scale? BMI? your jeans fitting? Energy levels, hungover days? ;)
Love and Hugs

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