Saturday, December 31, 2011

A very raclette New Years

Holy macaroni it's been 10 days since I updated my blog! Yikes you must be super pissed. I'm so sorry but things around here have been nuts! Every morning we get up I'm either heading to my new job or we are going to appointments at the bank and getting SIN cards and health cards and the like. I'm hoping after the New Year things will settle a bit and I can get back here every day.

But for now we are on our way out the door to buy all the fixings for a proper Raclette dinner to ring in the New Year.

Mom and Dad bought Vince his very own raclette set for Christmas and he can't wait to get at it. Do you think we will be able to find Raclette cheese in Toronto? Hmmmm.

Happy New Years Eve my friends! I miss you guys so much and wish we could all be together tonight. But I hope wherever you are it's full of happiness and love and fun for goodness sakes! 

Love and Hugs

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