Thursday, October 13, 2011

Freeforall Friday- The Nicknames of our Bichon/Maltese Puppy

Are you guys nickname lovers? We are and it's getting out of hand. Our favourite little person to nickname is our doggiedaughter. Isn't she a cutie?

Her full name is Sunny Strawberry Klein but most people must think she's called Monkey cause that's what you can hear us call her the most often, with a few small substituions such as: Monk, The Monk, Monka, Monkaburninglove or just MonkaMonk.

Although when we first got her we called her Snoop Strawberry you know cause of her middle name and her being a dog and everything. And then that turned into my Dad's favourite: The Strawb. But my Aunt Ann likes to call her just Strawberry. She can also be seen being called HRS here on the blog wich translates into Her Royal Starwbyness of course.

My Mom likes to call her the Muttrag cause she thinks I never wash or brush her and wants to get her Grandmother hands on her to clean her up all the time. This has since turned into Muttie or raggie.

Vince calls her Boukie or Boukyness and also BoukBouk. When we are out for a walk I find myself calling her My Tiny Missus or just The Missus. But lately it's been mostly Boo and Booboo and Booboobear and now Le Bearoniss.

But when she's being bad (rolling in poop, jumping up on people, running away) it's always just a very loud, SUNNNNNNNY!!!!!!!

What about you? Do you have nicknames for your pets or loved ones? I remember my Sue used to call her cat Momasita. (The cats real name was Beers). She has a very handsome Bernese Mountain Dog named Ringo who now goes by the nickname ShiShi. Cute eh?

Tell me! Tell me your nicknames!!!

Love and Hugs

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