Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dinner in Venice with the Amberlie, Doug and Claudia

Goodmorning everybody! I have so many pictures and great experiences to share from Venice and Maniago and I thought I would start with food. I mean I always seem to start with food eh?So last thursday night Vince and I, Amberlie, Doug and Claudia headed to a restaurant called "Enoiteca Mascareta" in the sestire di castello. We sat at an old wooden table with a bench on the end for Claudia. The owner/waiter was kind and accommodating as we shuffled through the menu deciding what to order first. The restaurant is also a wine shop so of course we ordered a few bottles. Doug ordered a tasty bottle of Cabernet Franc and us a bottle a crisp white Soave. Later Vince and I shared a large antipasti fish plate and Doug had a melt in your mouth lasagna bolognese. Amberlie had an aubergine parmesan and was not disappointed. How they made the aubergines taste so good I have no idea. The night was capped off with a few glasses of formidable grappa and then it was time for bed! :)
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I especially love the natural look of Amberlie Doug and Claudia in the first and second one, what do you think? Do you love natural or posed pictures?
Love and Hugs.


  1. Those are great pictures!! Hi Amberlie, Kim & Kevin xo

  2. Hi Sam, wish we back in Venice with you and Vince. had such a great cheap prosecco in NS. Tell Vince I will return his "fitted Manazio " t-shirt next time we are together....which I sincerely hope is not too long. Doug.

  3. Doug, We need you to know what an amazing time we had travelling with you and Amberlie and Claudia. We will never forget it and can't wait for the next time! Lots of Love, Sam
    P.S. please keep the fitted "Manazio t-shirt" I saw the pics and they are not pretty! HA!