Friday, September 18, 2009

Still trying!

Okay Vince and I tried all night last night to change the HTML on my blog and upload an audio player. I was so naive and thought it wouldn't be THAT hard. But it was and it still is. We decided to give up and try making a home video of the song I wanted to play for Ryan instead. Easy right? Not so much. We made the video and the sound quality is pretty good but now the video is too big or long to be uploaded to my blog! URGH! We even tried storing the song from my Itunes to our free online storage site and then getting it from there. No go, the file is too big! I have one last idea I am going to try and then I will just have to post him a congratulations without the music. Oh Bummer I hope that doesn't happen.
Love and Hugs.

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