Monday, September 14, 2009

Indoor frenchie BBQ

Good morning Everybody! I'm taking a break from the Venice wedding photos to show you our indoor BBQ. Are you sooooo excited! HA! It's electric and only has one setting but works great. Before I left Canada in August I made sure I had the latest "Food and Drink" magazine from the LCBO. They always have the best recipes. So anyways I wanted to make this salad from the early summer 2009 edition and thought I would show the process. I couldn't find lamb or beets at the store so we supplemented the recipe with green beans and veal. The outcome was supremely delicious but didn't look anything like the picture. It's seems to always turn out like that for me. What about when you guys follow a recipe, does it always look like the picture when you're finished? Oh and Sue I am waiting for those spaghetti pictures! Love you!
Love and Hugs.

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