Thursday, February 4, 2010

Okay so how many weddings can one girl have?

Oh my god I am completely obsessed with Snipet and Ink's inspiration boards. They make me want to have a million different weddings! Just like this one! Orange and Grey! LOVE IT! So beautiful if our ceremony was at the AGO eh? Oh my god what a dream! I want a vintage peach/pink/ivory/black backyard wedding and a chic downtown grey/orange city wedding! I want it all!
Love and Hugs


  1. Orange, Orange, favourite...and the grey with hair colour and I have that colour looked after too...Yes love the wedding planning, but how is the hamstring?? Is it rugby ready yet?Keep us posted of that hot frenchmans sports injury...

  2. Hi Aunt Lyn! Yes the hamstring is coming along. He is going back to rugby practice tonight to see if he can scrum with the others. We'll see. I hope so. How about your knee? How are YOU feeling? I hope you are behaving!
    Love you lots!