Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud Momma! (Happy Belated birthday Blake)

Okay I couldn't resit posting this picture of My Aunt Lyn and her son Blake. He turned 25 on Sunday and Vince and I are both so bummed we couldn't celebrate with them. Apparently there was pulled pork sandwiches and death by chocolate all made to order from the Aunt Lyn/Food network cookbook. I also heard that Blake got a portable clothes washing machine as a gift? Is this true? Oh and Blake did you end up going out with one of the Marlies girls or wha?
Oh man I wish I was there!
Love and Hugs


  1. Oh Sam...can you hear me laughing....You can almost feel the angst that Blake is enduring..lol....Oh his birthday was so fun! Well I think it was, I am not sure how Blake felt about it..Shhhh it's a secret about the washing machine...lol and your bro would not stop lifting the lid, so we are not sure it really works...so funny...Death by chocolate and 'No Sing A Me' was great! We were booted out of the house by 11:30...So you'll have to talk to Ty about the rest of the festivities. Pics to be downloaded today...Love ya,
    Aunt Lyn

  2. Hi Aunt Lyn! I'm glad you guys had a great time last Sat. at Blakes, we are so pissed we missed it! And honestly I don't think Blake is feeling angst against that picture, I mean he calls you EVERY day! He loves his momma!