Monday, February 1, 2010

Pretty Palette by Snipet and Ink

Goodmorning everybody! How was you weekend? What did you do for fun? Vince and I laid low. We went out on Saturdy to get a few more things to make our house a home. Finding regular things like picture fames is a feat in itself here in Malta so it's taking longer than normal to get the apartment set up just the way we like it. But I think after one more hunting trip this weekend it should finally be perfect and ready for your visit! Yahoo! I can't wait till you all get here!

I love searching the web for wedding ideas and inspiration. All the wedding magazines here are british and I find their style a little tacky for me do you know what I mean? Even a little trashy I dare say. Anywho so all the wedding research I do is online and I found this great website called Snipet and Ink. The author puts together these inspiration boards on different colors and posts them once a week. I totally fell in love with the one above that was titled:
"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"
Love it!
Love and Hugs,


  1. Sam, you know, your mom used to dress you in pink a lot...and your mank was I think you have a softness that could carry pink...Aunt Jane on the other hand likes pink but a whole different hue, sort of SHOCKING the choice, you will be without a doubt a gorgeous bride!!!! right Vince...Oh and sorry aobut the hamstring..that can be a nasty injury...However you can now tell all your friends that you have a sports injury!!!!What a Jock,
    Love you both, Aunt Lyn

  2. I love that inspiration board! Is it just me or are the online wedding resources way nicer than a lot of the stuff they feature in the magazines?!

    One of my favorite fashion bloggers is getting married soon and has a page devoted to her wedding inspirations. Here is the link:

    PS. Thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog last week. I wanted to reply--can you send me your email address? Mine is Thanks! xox


  3. Oops...I forgot to include that link, here it is:

    there are some pretty ideas & good links on there!
    enjoy!! xo

  4. Hi Simone! Thanks so much for your comments and the recommendation of What I Wore Down the Aisle. It's an awesome blog! I totally agree that online is the way to go for wedding inspiration. Wedding magazines are so generic! I am looking for something more unique and quirky and vintagey and am getting such great ideas from other women's blogs!

  5. Hi Aunt Lyn! Oh man where is that mank anyways? I would love to show it to Vince. It is certainly a big part of who I am! HA! I'm glad you like the pallet. I think I am also going to throw in some peach too just like Mom's wedding! What do you think?

    Love you!