Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A disguise

I am not my thoughts and they are not me.

My mind and the thoughts it produces are a part of me along with my ego, my body, although....

These thoughts I have whether they be pleasant or unpleasant are not who I am and I'm learning to let them come and go with no attachment. My true self is that of pure love. A radiant light deep inside that doesn't have thoughts, only love.

This helps when I have sad or disturbing thoughts. I used to be so attached to them and live inside them with such guilt and despair. I am trying everyday to just let them pass gently.

All of these feelings and thoughts of sadness, aniexty, obsession and loneliness are just a temporary mask overtop of my true loving self. I am always there.....with love!

P.S. I can't believe how long I lived with a mask over my true self believing it was really me! HA! What a waste! From now on I will giggle at those masks and then let them go. (I hope)

Weird? Confusing? or true for you too? I would love to know!

Love and Hugs

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