Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early Christmas at the Dodges!

Proud Grandparents!
Oh that cute little bum!

Little guy loving his parents!
Check out Britt's new haircut! In love!
oh he's sleepy in his cozy warm sweater
Hey, is that a rye and ginger being mixed in the corner?
Happy early Merry Christmas everybody! Mom and Dad and Ryan and Britt and Rocky celebrated last night in Toronto! Britt and Ryan are heading to Florida this Christmas with Britt's family so they had a little early party just the five of them last night!
It looked like so much fun! Ryan and Britt and me and Vince had an agreement of no presents this year but that didn't include my handsome Doggie Nephew! Rocky got a comfy brown agryle sweater from his loving Aunt Sam and Uncle Vincent. He so damn cute I could eat him! What do you think?
I hope you enjoy these pictures and can feel the love streaming out of them the way I can!
Love and Hugs!

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