Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On the fence? Today is your day!

Life goes on within you and without you!
~ The Beatles

Well I am currently off the fence and trying to be in the life that is here! I am present dammit and it's scary and exhillarating!

I wanted to let you know that today is a full moon and the start of the Winter Soltice. That means today all your prayers and mediatation, reflection and gratitude will be that much more powerful. Here is some info a Doctor friend sent us about this day:

"Total lunar eclipses are not rare, occurring every year or two, being visible at any particular location only every three years or so. This upcoming total lunar eclipse, however, is special in that it occurs near the time of the winter solstice. This makes it located at the highest point of the sky in the zodiac for the northern hemisphere. Such an exact winter solstice eclipse occurs only every few centuries. It is an extremely important time for karmic rectification of one’s life. Eclipses are powerful times to spiritualize one’s life in a deeper way, manifesting changes for our higher well-being."

So give it a go! Close your eyes for a second and with strong intent send love to your soul and whatever you want to see done in your life. I know I will.
Love and Hugs

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