Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!

It was 3 years ago today that Ryan and Brittany were married at the Spadina house gardens in Toronto Canada. I'll never forget that beautiful smile on Brittany's face as she walked up the aisle. She looked at Ryan the way I imagine she does in secret. You know what I mean? That truly I am in love with you look. (Big pretty smile with her chin pointed down and her head a little tilted to the side.) And then I looked up at Ryan and he was pretending he wasn't going to cry while making a little smile with his dimples. Truly the sweetest moment ever! It still makes my heart swell.

It was a gorgeous ceremony in the grass followed by a hoppin' party in a chic downtown venue. The food, the decor and the cake were all absolutely amazing! I'll never forget it!

We love you guys! Here's to a million more!

Love and Hugs

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