Monday, August 29, 2011

How do you practice self love?

I am slowly learning to be nicer to myself. It's an ongoing thing that's for sure. I have to constantly stop myself from saying mean things every few seconds! Isn't that crazy?! Have you ever really and I mean really listened to the things you tell your self on a regular basis? I challenge you to listen for just ten minutes a day and hear what you hear. It's not good. I say mean stuff mostly about my weight, my hair, my zits, my height, my fashion sense oh my gosh and it doesn't stop there. Apparently I also think I am a horrible wife, friend, sister, daughter who never says thank you enough, who talks to much, who is annoying, who procrastinates....... Geeze!
But usually it's about my belly. How to hide it and how to make it smaller. I even remember a time when I was younger I punched my own belly in frustration at it's size.
That's self hate if I ever heard it!

Since last week I have been listening to my inner voice more and more and telling it to shut up. I am loving myself by replacing these harsh words with softer kinder ones. I have even been saying, "I love you cute belly! thank you for being round and keeping me full and helping me eat and giving me that curvy shape in dresses that my husband loves"
Even though I hardly believe these things. But I will keep saying them and saying them in hopes that just how the negative ones stuck the postitve ones will begin to take over and stay there.

This is how I am trying to be happy now instead of later.

What about you? Do you have love or hate for yourself?

Love and Hugs

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