Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vimy stole my heart

Inside the visitors center
Our young guide Andre
The landscape changed from war

A maple leaf carved in the wall of the subway
The underground subway
The Memorial
I proudly wore my colours. Sunny too.

Last Saturday we visited the Vimy Ridge Memorial. It is a 100 hectare piece of land that was given to Canada by the French in 1922 in gratitude for sacrifices made by Canada in the First World War and for the victory achieved by Canadian troops in capturing Vimy Ridge in April 1917.

The battle of Vimy was the start of the end of the war. More than
3800 Canadians died for this victory and 66 000 during the entire war.

The details and history will send chills through your body and bring you to tears. To visit the site and stand in the subway where the soldiers waited for the final assualt was overwhellming.

After we left Vimy and drove further north to Lille we couldn't believe the amount of war cemetaries scattered around the countryside. Every turn took us to a new burial ground.

We must never ever forget.

Love and Hugs

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