Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Brother the Genius!

Well folks, it's been a year in the making but finally the Royal Ontario Museum's App is available for download! My brother Ryan Dodge created it! He is the Library tech at the ROM and also a masters student at John Hopkins University. This has been a dream of his and a labour of love from the getgo. Since's it's release on the 19th of August it's been downloaded 1100 times and earned 5 stars.

In case you were wondering, the ROM is Canada's largest museum of world cultures and natural history. It's located on Bloor Street in Toronto and you must visit! They have the largest Dinosaur on permanent display and a 3000 year old mummy! Now when you visit you can use your App to help you understand and appreciate the exhibits even more. You can download the App for free here and learn more about it on the ROM website here.

Oh and while you're there pop into the Library hiding behind the gallery of Chinese architecture and shake his hand, he'll be happy to see you.

Love and Hugs

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