Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The post wedding cut

The Final Cut
I feel like a manga girl! Hiiiii YA!
Yikes and when I don't straighten it I feel a little like Helena Bonham Carter in Fight club!
I absolutely LOVE Helena Bonham Carter but that doesn't mean I want her hair.
The Before stragglies

I've been dreaming of cutting off my hair for a few months. It's been straggly, limp, lifeless and completely without style. But I also really wanted an updo for my wedding so I kept it long for that reason and made an appointment at The Living Room salon for after the honeymoon.

Finally last friday it was time to chop it off! Unfortunately my crappy french combined with the stylist's huge ego left me with a not so dreamy look.

It's not biggie, really! I know it will grow out in a few weeks and I will probably come to love it but right now, not so much!

What do you think?

Love and Hugs

Source of Manga pic is unknown
Source of Helena pic

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