Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do- Community Theater

Are you guys big theater buffs or music or ballet or anykind of preforming arts? Well I am and to be honest I forget about it. Thanks goodness my Aunt Lyn is a theater actor and performs in about one play a year where I get to go and feel a part of the magic once again.

There is just something about live theatre that gets me everytime. I much MUCH prefer it to going to the cinema. And come on, check out the beautiful Victoria Hall above! Wouldn't you want to see a play there?

The production we went to see was called Revenge of the Three Little Pigs by Doug Wright. It was a charming story of fariy tale land and all the funny happenings and events that go awry when three little pigs take over the Kingdom. Fun right?!

My Aunt Lyn is the lady in the middle above. She expertly played the part of the evil Stepmother and it was as if the part was written just for her. She was truly hilarious, charismatic and stole the show to be honest. (No bias here I promise! ;))

What I love about Community Theater is all the work the actors and behind the scenes folks do to ensure it comes alive. They spend every single night at the Playhouse painting and practicing to make one 2 hour period of our life fun and unforgettable.

If you get the chance and are in the South Western Ontario region please check out the Petrolia Community Theater. They are putting on productions all the time and it's always a hoot! Support the arts my friends! Especially the small country ones!

What fun stuff are you going to see this Christmas season? A few years ago we went to see Handle's Messiah by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and there is Tafelmusik going on up at the United Church on Bloor st. that is supposed to be amazing. Or what about The Nutcracker at the Rebbeca Cohn in Halifax? And what's going on in Paris? Or Boston?

Love and Hugs

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