Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do- Christmas party fever!

Do you guys have it? This year is a little over the top with invites and especially this weekend. Holy moly it's nuts! Last Sunday we were invited to a Christmas open house at Alison Ann and Jack's house and it was just lovely!

Alison is my Mom's coworker's sister. Both her and her sister are fond of octopuses and so am I! She is also an artist so needless to say there were a lot of funny felted and knited Octopi squiggling through their Christmas tree which made me feel right at home!

They are also vegetarians so no worries on the food front for me. They had glazed nuts, blue cheese and sage filo pastries, mini quiches, cheese and crackers and home made meringues and marshmellows!

There were a few special hosts of the kitty kind named Opti and Parka. Opti is normally a very shy fellow and surprised us all but coming out from under the bed for a visit. Everyone agreed it was a Christmas miracle.

The sisters were enjoying East Dell pinot grigio which was fitting because....

They hail from Windsor Ontario! Well not Niagara and not even close but you know!

Thanks so much Allison and her lovely other half, we had such a great time at your gathering and felt so blessed to be invited!

Now tell me girls what great Holiday shindigs are you invited to this season? And if you need a little inspiration for what to wear I've got you covered right here!

Have fun sillies!

Love and Hugs

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