Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Taste- What we ate: a week in food photos

This is the last installment of 'A week in food photos' for the year and boy was it a yummy one!

Wednesday was bean and barley stew with thyme, tomatoes and sweet potatoes oh my!

This is so funny, I can't get this photo to rotate correctly! It appears in the right angle on the upload but when added to blogger turns the other way. So weird. Anyways Thursday delicious! Roasted chickpeas, onions, herbs, brussel sprouts on radicchio and escarole.

Friday is usually a cheat kind of night and since Vince wanted meat I cooked him a steak and had a seitan one for me. And what steak or faux steak would be complete with out gorganzola and toasted hazelnuts? Exactly!

I just love puting shit on a base of lettuce. I love veggies, there I said it! Whew! Add some roasted beets, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sundried tomatoes and I'm in heaven. Don't forget about the hunk of cheese though. ;)

Sunday was comfort food all the way. Vince usually cooks on Sundays and always makes a risotto. And I am not complaning, especially when it turns out like this! Pumpkin and parmesan risotto to die for!

Monday is back to basics with soup. This time it was roasted onion and brown rice. Looks yummy right?

Now that I'm back in Toronto the daily dinner photo thing has fallen to the wayside a bit. I hope when Vince gets here and we are a little more settled in we can get back at this project cause it's fun!

So tell me what did you eat last week? Are you eating whatever's in the fridge? Are you getting to the market and buying in season stuff? Did you try any new recipes lately?

Love and Hugs

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