Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taste- A Michelin starred restaurant

Have you ever been? I'm usually drawn to the cosy 10 table home style bistro to be honest. But when our 5 year anniversary rolled around in late September we decided to look for something a little more special and came up with the 1 star restaurant in Barbizon called Les Pléiades. 

We made the reservation 2 weeks in advance which is a little unheard of in France but we wanted to be sure. (Also asking the chef to throw together a completly vegetarian menu for me)

The restaurant is located in a gorgeous art hotel of the same name in Barbizon which is about a ten minute drive from our place in Fontainebleau.

Everything was spectacular. The service, the menus, the table setting and the music. But especially the wine. It was Château Haut Maurac Bellecour, Cru Bourgeois 1996. Both Vince and I can say we have never tasted a better bottle which is no small feat!

The cuisine is molecular. So everything we tasted was made to challenge the eye and tongue. The picture below is one of the many amuse-bouches that looked like a small shot class of beer and an egg yolk. Not so, it was ginger vodka cider and the 'yolk' was pineapple that was meant to be burst on your tongue at the same time as comsumming the cider.

Vince ordered his favourite, the Pigeon which was delivered to our table in a courier envelope of it's own!

The cheeses were hand selected from a fromagerie in Fontainebleau and you know we tried every one of those babies!

We had no room whatsoever for dessert but when the coffee came it was accompanied by home made marshmallows, pate de fruits, caramels and a few extra little sweet amause bouches to send us on our way.

We stayed for 3 hours. It was heavenly and unforgettable. I can't say we will be dining like this every day but if the occasion arrises well, why not!

Are you curtious about the Michelin star system? Have you ever been to a restaurant like this? Do you know if there are any in Toronto or Canada for that matter?

Love and Hugs

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