Friday, December 9, 2011

Freeforall- Holiday Hangover

Whoa I'm hungover. My cousin and parents came over for dinner last night and we had a great time! Maybe too great of a time acutally because this morning I woke up shaky, tired and nauseous. It got me thinking about all the open houses and Christmas drinks coming up and how to handle it all.

Joanna from A Cup of Jo reccomends eating a piece of burt toast and a big glass of water before you to go to bed to soak up the toxins. She also says massaging the reflexology point on your foot related to the liver helps too. Have you ever tried that before?

Alicia from The Kind Life has a hangover tea she swears solves all your over-partying problems. It's got kukicha, an umeboshi plum and soya sauce in it. 
And then there's Gwyneth who advises a cold shower then sauna and bucket loads of green tea. I don't know about that I mean do I really have to build a sauna room to cope with my drinking? Geesh!

So please share my dear friends, what do you do to wake up feeling chipper and fresh after a long night of Holiday revelry?

Love and Hugs

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