Thursday, December 1, 2011

Do- Get spooked at Père-Lachaise cemetery

Last Saturday Mom, Dad, Vince, Sunny and I drove into Paris for a day of sightseeing in the 19e-20e arrondissments of Paris including a stop at Père-Lachaise cemetery. And holy moly was that thing big. When we left Fontainebleau in the morning we had planned to see Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and Chopin. No big deal right?

Think again! We made it to pay out respects to Jim and that was it. I think either you come back over multiple visits like when visiting the Louvre or stop for drinks half way through.

This is Jim's grave. There were a lot of people hanging around taking pictures, smoking hash and writting on trees. Mom made friends of course!

Lots of the graves were like tiny chapels. Apparently many members from one family will all be buried in the same grave as time goes by.

We could have honestly stayed all day meandering through the small alleyways and avenues of the cemetery but it got dark quick and the grey foggy sky hanging over seemed to be closing in and asking us to leave.

So instead we headed to Le Baratin for dinner! And what a lovely dinner it was. Actually we don't have any pictures of it because we were just too busy enjoying it!

So there you have it my last Saturday in Paris for a while! We are back in Toronto now and looking for jobs. So the big question is, when are you coming for a visit?! ;)

Love and Hugs

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