Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Monday- Dream

This title is close to my heart. I love to Dream. But until a few years ago I thought dreaming was only for fairy tales and night time. I had absolutely no idea of their power.

Nowadays I feel less and less constricted about my dreams and embarrassed by them, the opposite is actually happening: I'm becoming excited by them.

Here are a few:

Fall in love and marry the pefect partner for me: Done!
Have children and a family with that person
Enjoy a long healthy relationship
Live near my family
Start my own buisness
Become an active part of the healing community in my town
Become a good healer
Be a good person
Be free of gulit, addiction and negative thoughts......resulting in
Being happy and at peace

I think if I dream of these things enough they will become more and more a part of me and reality. I will search these things out consciously and subconsciously. Heck I've already got the first one crossed off so that's gotta be good right? ;)

Kute Blackson says: "Your responsibility is not to make your dreams happen but simply to say “Yes”."

He also gives you a great list on how to achieve your dreams and what to do when you are discouraged. Kute's a crazy ass super spirit warrior. Check out his site if you dare.

I am dying to know, have you ever really just let your mind wander? Why not just ask yourself simply, what do I want? (It's so liberating and exciting.) Please have a go and let me know your heart said back.

 Love and Hugs

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