Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursdays are all about Doing

Last week we bought 5 euro tickets for a rugby game at the stadium around the corner from our apartment. Rugby is Vince's favourite sport and I love it too! I mean strong sweaty men in short shorts? Come on!!

We arrived at the stade just in time to get a few beers and a baguette with a merguez (spicy skinny sausage) Yummy right?! Not really. I ate a bag of chips instead. Other than the crappy concession stands the game was great! Rugby is a gentelmans game, meaning you cheer for the other team when they score and you never boo and are quiet when the other team is kicking. And after it's all over no matter what happened the two teams always go for a beer together.
Cool eh? I love hockey but rugby is a close second!

Love and Hugs

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