Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do Thursday- Honeymoon Scrapbook

Today is the five year anniversary of the night we first met.  I saw Vince from across a smoky dank basement five years ago this evening and it was the truest form of love at first sight I have ever experienced. Every part of my body and soul told me to talk to him. Thankfully I found the courage to go over there and say Hi. He obviously felt it too cause from then on we were inseparable.

So I thought for Do Thursday I would show you how we made our honeymoon scrapbook. How about that?! ;)

Alright step 1 is to get your work space ready, coffee? check!

Step 2 : Place pics where you want them then glue them. This was hard for me. I got impatient and just wanted to start glueing like a madwoman and then I thought no Sam that's not what Martha would do, right?!

Step 3: Move the floor cause it's more comfy and now you've been at it so long your dog falls asleep waiting for you to finish so you can go outside and play.

Step 4 : Whoohooo we're getting close now. Get your husband to put it together cause you're getting frustrated and about to give up. And thank goodness he figures out what to do with those stupid long rectangular pieces of extra paper that have been hanging around since the start.

Step 5 : You're done! Kiss husband, pat your self on back, call your Mom on skype to show her and that's all folks! One Honeymoon scrapbook for you, your kids and your kids kids.

Love and Hugs

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