Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do Thursday- The Market

What are you doing this Thursday? How about a market run? We're all about markets here in the Dodge/Klein household and let me tell you why: I love shopping outside! Maybe it's because I'm from Canada where shopping outside is an oddity but there's nothing better than strolling a market with the sun shinning on your face.

And the choice! I mean come on! We went to Provins last Saturday at the suggestion of David Lebovitz in his book The Sweet Life in Paris. He promised a market filled to the brim with local producers and I had to see it for myself.

David and also Clotilde suggest doing a run thorough the whole market to see what they have and make the best choice for you. (I am clearly a little too serious about this part)

I love talking to the vendors. They always tell you exactly how to cook what you've bought. Isn't that neat? Market vendors are normaly loud/boisterous and they want to chat so go for it! Chat back!

There is often a really long lineup and everyone wants to talk about Sunny! She's a crowd pleaser for sure.

Finally you are ready to make your choice, fill up your bag and return home with the loot. (I obsessed with mushrooms right now.)

Do you have a market in your neighbourhood? Mom was telling me she found a market on Bloor st. in Toronto the other day. And they're open in the evening, how great is that?!

Love and Hugs and Happy food shopping!

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