Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do Thursday- Foire aux vins

Every September in France there is a Foire aux vins in most stores and cave a vins. It's harvest season which means many new vintages are ready and the big wine critics give out their top wines of the year. The bonus is a lot of the bottles are also on sale! Vince and I are planning on being out of France for 10 years and thought this was the perfect time to store a few boxes away for when we get back.

So we got down to business straight away looking through Le Figaro's free review of wines and talking to our caviste guy for his kind advice.

Then it was time to take the list to our local grocery store and cave a vins to buy the bottles.

Next was the best part, taking the wine home and tasting! (Mr. Caviste said to leave a little in the bottle open over night and then taste it again the next day at lunch to determine if it will age well)

Of course it's best to taste your wine with food, cheese is preferable.

But don't be a wino, Mais Non! You should have dinner too. We ate a lot of soup that week to try and conteract the amount of wine and cheese calories we were taking in. I know, we're geniuses.

And then we thought, 'Why not have some soup with cheese?'

Finally after all that tasting we had made our choices and were ready to box them up, lable them and take them to the safest place on earth, Vince's parents basement. Nothing ever leaves that room!

2 great things that happened: We found a bunch a great vintages we can't wait to taste 5+ years later and learned a new technique on how to find out if a bottle will age gracefully or not.

but most importantly,

1 valuable lesson learned: Eating cheese and drinking wine all week whilst eating soup for dinner will not help you lose weight. ;)

Please tell did you guys pick up any great deals on wine this week? Do you buy wine in bulk and age it or drink it straight away?

Love and Hugs

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