Friday, September 16, 2011

Freeforall Friday- Our Wedding

My friend Khali has brought it to my attention that other people read this blog and want to see our wedding photos. I just assumed all my readers were either at the wedding or are friends with my Mom on facebook (therefore seeing the 1000+ photos she has uploaded) Apparently that's not the case, so here we are with the Dodge/Klein wedding round up.

Location: Castello Zamitello, Malta
Date: 6 July 2011 at 6:30pm
Dress + Veil: Pronovias
Officiants:Auntie Coco in English and Uncle Ded in French
Man of honour and Bridesmaid: My brother Ryan and sister in law Britt
Best Woman and Groomswoman: Vince's sisters Nat and Delph
Guests: 50 of the most important people in our lives 
MC: My extremely smart, prepared and a little stressed out brother Ryan 
Music: Dru and Keith, drummer and singer extrodinaire
Food: Muh, not terrible but unmemorable
Cake: Pretty but tasted kinda heavy
Cocktails: Kick ass! We a hired a cocktail maker to create a list of drinks tailored to our guests tastes
Flowers: White peonies and astilbe. A little dissapointing but nothing to complain about
Photographer: Genius Julian Calabrese

The Beginning
Our litttlest party members
Vince and his Mom and Flower girls on duty
Ceremony under a tree
Gorgeous guests
Friends and Family
Vince and his grooms women
Cake topper was my Grandma Carols
Cocktails and bongo drums
Maltese bougainvillea
Making faces
Feeling the love
The MC and The Groom

Such a romantic setting
Danicing the night away
Party on sisters!
Our escape
We got to spend almost a complete week with the people we love exploring Malta and celebrating together. The love at the castle was unreal. It was exactly how we imagined it and more. But honestly how do you describe something so profound and magical as marrying your spouse. You can't.
So instead have fun looking at the pictures! We had fun making them!

Love and Hugs

P.S. To all our family and friends who are reading this, it was perfect because of you. Simply because you were there. Thank you from the very bottom of our beings. You made our day unforgettable!

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