Tuesday, January 12, 2010

For my Mom #2

I'm standing on the other side of the intersection taking a picture of my street.
The variety/neighbourhood bar like store on the corner of our street.

The round about at the end of our street in action

A ricotta pastizzie from the corner, this bad boy cost me .25 euro cents.

So this is the intersection/corner at the end of my road. It's busy and loud and awesome. I can get anything I need here, the main bus stop is right on the other side of the street and my grocery store is down the road a little further.
Love and Hugs


  1. That ricotta pastizzie looks yummy. It looks a little nicer than the ones from the Maltese Bakery in Toronto. The neighborhood reminds me of Italy a little bit. Thanks for the pic Darling one. Mom xoxo

  2. Nice black Vespa scooter too! Maybe to should get your scooter licence?? Mom & Dad xoxo