Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Marsaxlokk #1 (Fisherman and their boats)

Good morning Every body! On Sunday we went to the fish market in the southern town of Marsaxlokk. We took so many pictures! So I suppose this we be a 3 part post just so I can get them all up.
Marsalokk is a small fishing village in southern Malta. It is one of Malta's two natural harbours. All the fish that you will eat in restaurants around the island come from this town and their fisherman. The market is humongous with the fisherman's wives selling the fish and the farmers with their veggies and fruit and also a lot of souvenirs and lace tablecloths. We had a great time wandering up and down the alleys and ended up having a fish lunch at one of the snack bars lined up on the main drag across from the market. We will definitely make a stop here when you come to visit!
Love and Hugs


  1. What a way to top off an adventure like that...A fish sandwich...did you have it on white bread with salt and peper, just like Grandpa Merritt likes? No kidding Sam and Vince, these pictures are spectacular. Uncle Rick found the harbour interesting, much like the ones in Restoule or Gowganda...Keep Blogging sister,,,your amazing!! Love ya, Aunt Lyn

  2. Hi Aunt Lyn! Thanks so much for all the comments! You are too sweet! I wish you were here to explore all the quiant little towns with us. Get that knee all better and come over!
    Lots of love,
    Sam and Vince (aka The Hot Frenchman)