Monday, January 18, 2010

Hockey night at the Ricoh Center

Good Morning Every body! I was looking through my Christmas pictures (there are so many!) and found this special one.
Last month we went to the Ricoh center in downtown T.O. to see Ryan and Blake play in there beer league. Aunt Ann, Uncle Gav, Karly and Harrison came too. I think we were the only fans HA! no big deal, it was so much fun seeing Ryan on the ice again and especially playing with Blake! What a treat! Oh I miss you guys!
Love and Hugs

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  1. Ah yes to be Canadian and enjoy the adventure of hockey...The smells, the game, the testosterone..nuthin'better, except if your living with the man of your dreams on an island in the Mediterranean...That could rival it...I think..I am reading your blog everyday, sam and love the adventure you are on...A Kiss to your man and a huge hug and a kiss to you...Keep blogging, I am living my fantasies through you, ya