Thursday, January 21, 2010

We are PACSy PACSed!

Us after we signed the papers to get PACS at the French Embassy
We asked a passerby to take our picture on the way back to the car in Valletta
Finally a kissing break!
After signing the papers we went out for lunch just the two of us in St. Julains and then Vince had to go back to work!

Good Morning Every body! Yesterday afternoon Vince and I went to the French Embassy in Valletta to get PACS. PACS is like "Common Law" in Canada, but in France you have to got to city hall or the embassy if you are out of the country and sign a bunch of papers and make a decleration to eachother. Also you can only get PACS once in your lifetime. French people think of it a little like marriage...apparently it was invented so that same sex couple could have the same rights as married opposite sex couples.
So we went into the embassy a little late and sat down in the counselor's office. We signed some paperwork and handed over copies of our birth certificates and worte out a declaration to each other. It was pretty mundane until the counselor left the room to photocopy something. Vince looked at me and I looked back at him and we both became overwhelmed with emotion. It was romantic and a very important moment in Our Love Story.
I will never forget it!
Love and Hugs


  1. C-a-n-'-t emotional right now....What a beautiful story and a fitting episode for such an extrodinary couple. Are you kidding me...I don't know what to say or ne sais quoi...From cookie baking to marriage prepatory meetings...I am speechless..well for the time being anyway...Wonderful wonderful.......Love you both, Aunt Lyn

  2. Congrats on getting PACS! I love the flower in your hair. You look beautiful!


  3. Congratulations Samantha and Vince!! You guys look great!! Love, Mom & Dad xoxoxo

  4. Thanks for all the comments you guys! You're so kind! Love you! Sam