Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New years in Malta

Vince with his Anthony Bourdain inspired shirt that he loves so much pouring some champagne in our hotel room before going out

Good morning guys, here are a few pictures from our New Years in Malta. We were staying at a resort about 15 mins outside of St. Julian's where all the fun was happening. So we took a bus into town with every one else for 1.16euros each. I wore my flip flops I got for Christmas from my Grandpa. Actually my Grandma made them before she died and Grandpa found them when he was moving into his new house and gave them out as Christmas presents this year. Cool eh? They look like Fragle Rock flip flops I think. A little embarrassing cause everyone was staring at them obviously thinking I just got released from the crazy hospital but whatever I had my sexy stilettos packed in my purse for the rest of the night.
We scored a last minute reservation at Zest a fancy resto on Spinola Bay with a fixed price new years eve menu. It was so goooood and they kept refilling our glass with free wine to match each course. Above I am drinking the vodka sorbet pallet cleanser before the main course. It was so awesome! They had a DJ in the restaurant and a small dance floor so right before midnight we got up and shook it like nobodies business. I wish I had some pics of Vince's moves, he is one suave dancer I'll tell you.
After midnight we headed to a few more pubs and bars on the strip then took a cab back to the resort around 4am. Needless to say the next morning was a tough one. :)
Hope your New Years was fabulous!!
Love and Hugs


  1. Hey. I know that shirt, it made it through all the Italian wine stains. Did you get your hair cut? Btw, love your sexy red lips!

  2. Hey honey, no haircut just tied back to one side for a special "evening" look! HA! I know right! I can't believe the wine came out so easy from that shirt!

  3. Sam, those flip flops are funny. Looks like you two had a great New Years Eve. Happy Malta New Year. Love, Mom & Dad xoxo