Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Mdina

Hi everybody! How was your weekend? On Saturday I went to the Marsa sports field to watch Vince play rugby for the first time with his new team. I can't believe I forgot my camera! Oh man! It was so awesome to watch Vince get down and dirty in a scrum with his short shorts let me tell you girls! Sorry Aunt Lyn no pictures of the hot frenchman this week but I promise I will take some next Sat. :)
So on Sunday we went to Mdina. It's Malta at it's most picturesque! The outer stone walls were fortified as early as 1000BC by the Phoenicians. It's even got an old moat around it! In medieval times it was the capital city and called the Nobile City. Now a days there are only around 300 inhabitants and it's called the Silent City. Well either way it's enchanting. We roamed around the spooky stone streets and stopped for coffee and cake at Le Fontanella one of the only restaurants in town. It sits on the edge of the town walls and has spectacular views over the country side onto the sea. I will post more pictures of that tomorrow.
Love and Hugs


  1. Ok so it has taking me awhile to figure out how to sign in again, but here I am. Malta looks beautiful. Congrat's on the PAC'S thingy. You guys look very happy. Your place looks awesome in Malta. So big and roomy. Can't wait to visit
    Love ya
    Auntie CoCo
    hopefully I'll remember how to post again ;)

  2. Thanks so much Auntie Coco! I know I wish Blogger made it easier for everyone, you really have to be determined! Thanks so much! Love you, Sam

  3. Hi Darling, what a beautiful village/city. The cafe also looks awesome with great views of the countryside. You look great in the pic standing under the oleander tree. Keep posting!! Love, Mom & Dad xoxoxo

  4. Thanks Mom and Dad! I cant wait until you get here and we can visit Mdina together at night! XOXOXO

  5. Hey Samantha....The 'Silent City' would NOT be a good venue for the wedding...hmmm Williams vs silent...I am going to have to go with the family on this one...but how gorgeous and mysterious,,much like your hot frenchman...Did you feel like a princess when you were walking the streets? Awesome, and so much history..Funny how your mom knew the name of the tree you were standing under...I thought it was Keep visiting all the sites, 'cause I am loving the tour you are taking us on...
    Love you both, Aunt Lyn