Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okay so the Pantone thing didn't work out

Hi guys, I am writting to you from my little computer. It's awesome but at the same time it doesn't have windows on it. It's got another pogram called Linux. Anyways the point is I can't download things to it with reckless abandon like I could with windows. So I have to wait till Vince brings home his work computer and then try downloading again. Good news is I scoured the web looking for a pale orange/grey colour combo wedding and couldn't find one! Yahoo! I know grey is so trendy right now but I kinda think I don't care. What do you guys think?
Love and Hugs

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  1. Orange, yes!! Grey well comme se comme If the grey colour is a pretty as your moms gown for Ryan and Britts wedding sure...It might be easier to match a dress with my hair, if your 'go gray' Surfing the net, is my favourite thing to do...and I am havng an affair with the Food Network too...I have won the battle against Risotto!!! Iron Chef here I Keep us posted on the Rugby...Maybe Vinces colours on his uniform will inspire some wedding palettes..., Love you both, Aunt Lyn