Friday, January 29, 2010

More Mdina

Good Morning Everyone! I thought I would post the last of the pictures we have from our weekend trip to Mdina. I hope you like them and have a great weekend!
It's Blakes B-day on Sunday and both Vince and I wish we were there to celebrate with him so bad. Oh man. Well we will see you in June Blake!
Love and Hugs.


  1. Hi Sam. It appears we have similar tastes in books...Atwood is one of my favorites - develops characters so vivid they materialize on the pages right before your eyes. In addition to those noted try Cats Eye. Neil Gaiman (American Gods) is one that stayed with me over the last few years. Say hi to my Vince, my favorite European...cannot wait to see you guys! /D

  2. Sam, what a beautiful city...are you sure it's 'Silent'...I could see us parading down the streets behind a lovely bride and groom...Ah yes...romance...But wait your right it is Blakes birthday this weekend. We are heading into TO to celebrate!! Your mom and I have somehting up our sleeves, which includes 'No Sing A Me'...should be great fun. Wish you were there to sing Bonne a Fete....we will make and attempt...Love you Sam, and that hot frenchman of yours too,
    Aunt Lyn

  3. Hi Doug! Oh my gosh I cant wait to see you guys too! I wish May was here already! Okay so gotta get Cat's Eye and some Neil Gaiman. Thanks for the reccomendations I love talking about books and reading! My mom actually turned me on to Atwood and I havent looked back

  4. Thanks Aunt Lyn, it does look like a beautiful place for a wedding doesnt it? Well have fun this weekend both Vince and I are soooooo jealous we cant be there! Love you lots, Sam