Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your bedroom when you come to visit

Vince is intensly playing Uncharted 2 trying to get up to the level of his PS3 friends, Ryan Blake and Tyler. Can you see the guestroom down the hall?

Hi guys! So our guestroom has the comfiest beds in the house. Not like our bed isn't comfy it's just these ones are sooooo much better! They can be pushed together and we have a separate queen size sheet set to put over the two beds to make it one. There is a big wardrobe and a small side table inbetween the beds. I have left a few books and a reading lamp should you feel like reading before dozing off.....I think that covers it! Oh yeah wait there is your own Air Conditioner in there too in case anyone wants to visit in August? So what do you think? Are you coming over or what? :-)
Love and Hugs
P.S. our couch also converts to a bed so we have space for 4 people! WHOOHOOOO!


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  2. Hi Darling one,
    What's with the post above? I don't understand. Your apartment and guest bedroom look great and very comfortable. Is that a picture of you and your Dad on the night table between the beds? We can't wait to visit. Love, Mom & Dad xoxo

  3. Hi Mom and Dad, I know it's weird! I think it's spam. I
    'm gonna erase it. And yes that IS a picture of me and Dad, wozers you have a great eye for detail!
    Love you lots!

  4. Solid PS3 setup you got there Vince! I would hurry up and beat Uncharted 2 since you gotta work on your modern warfare 2 skills after yesterday!! haha just jokin... Place looks GREAT though guys, and Malta looks ammazzing!! Definitely looking forward to my visit!

  5. Thanks Dude! I wish you were here help us set it up better. Do you think we should get him the headset or will he even hear you when you guys are playing? All I heard were young kids talking about girls. Yeah you're right he does need practice! I've never seen him that stressed out playing a video game before! It was hilairous! So when are you coming over?
    Love you,